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Department of Education, Communication and Learning

at Faculty of Education

Department of Education, Communication and Learning
PO Box 300
SE405 30 Göteborg
Delivery address: Läroverksgatan 15, 411 20 Göteborg
Visiting address: Läroverksgatan 15, 411 20 Göteborg

Fax: +46 31 7862391

Head of Department: Cecilia Wallerstedt

About the unit

The Department of education, communication and learning (IPKL) was founded on 1st July 2010 when the Department of Education was split into four new departments. The department has no formal subdivisions.

The formal leadership of the department consists of a head of department assisted by an administrative manager, a deputy head of the department with added responsibility for education, and three assistant heads of the department, where each have a responsibility for a specific area: research, doctoral studies, and work environment. In addition to the department management, there is a department council, a program administration, directors of studies and a drafting committee for research.

Latest publications

Fitness Doping. Trajectories, Gender, Bodies and Health
Jesper Andreasson, Thomas Johansson
London, Palgrave, Book 2020

Towards a test driven early childhood education: Alternative practices to testing children
Susanne Garvis, Heidi Harju-Luukkainen, Tina Yngvesson
Compassion and Empathy in Educational Contexts, Chapter in book 2019
Chapter in book

Theorising compassion and empathy in educational contexts: What are compassion and empathy and why are they important?
Georgina Barton, Susanne Garvis
Compassion and Empathy in Educational Contexts, Palgrave, Chapter in book 2019
Chapter in book

Compassion and Empathy in Educational Contexts
Susanne Garvis, Georgina Barton
Palgrave, Edited book 2019
Edited book

Encountering algebraic reasoning in contemporary classrooms: Epilogue
Roger Säljö, Cecilia Kilhamn
C. Kilhamn & R. Säljö (Eds.), Encountering algebra. A comparative study of classrooms in Finland, Norway, Sweden, and the USA, Cham, Switzerland, Springer, Chapter in book 2019
Chapter in book

Researching classrooms in search of learning: Theoretical and methodological considerations
Roger Säljö, Maria Luiza Cestari
C. Kilhamn & R. Säljö (Eds.), Encountering algebra: A comparative study of classrooms in Finland, Norway, Sweden, and the USA, Cham, Switzerlan, Springer, Chapter in book 2019
Chapter in book


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Name Title Phone Email
Nivala, Markus Senior lecturer +46 31 7864574 markus.nivala@gu.se
Nordenström, Elin Associate researcher +46 31 7862429 elin.nordenstrom@gu.se
Nordén, Per Senior lecturer +46 31 7863847 per.norden@gu.se
Nykänen, Pia Senior lecturer +46 31 7862185 pia.nykanen@gu.se
Odenbring, Ylva Senior lecturer +46 31 7862840 ylva.odenbring@gu.se
Ottosson, Lisa Lecturer lisa.ottosson@gu.se
Palmeira, Rosa Universitetsadj, adjungerande +46 31 7865447 rosa.palmeira@gu.se
Papantonis Stajcic, Maria Lecturer maria.papantonis.stajcic@gu.se
Pedersen Bjerre, Inga Lecturer +46 31 7862327 inga.bjerre.pedersen@gu.se
Peterson, Louise Senior lecturer +46 31 7862439 louise.peterson@ped.gu.se
Pettersson, Jonas Universitetsadj, adjungerande jonas.pettersson.2@gu.se
Pihl, Agneta Doctoral student agneta.pihl@gu.se
Pramling, Niklas Professor +46 31 7862563 niklas.pramling@ped.gu.se
Pramling Samuelsson, Ingrid +46 31 7862461 ingrid.pramling@ped.gu.se
Reis, Maria Senior lecturer +46 31 7862183 maria.reis@ped.gu.se
Rietz, Elisabeth Lecturer elisabeth.rietz@gu.se
Roos Haraldsson, Birgitta Lecturer +46 31 7862364 birgitta.roos-haraldsson@ped.gu.se
Roos Haraldsson, Birgitta Lecturer, Director of Studies +46 31 7862364 birgitta.roos-haraldsson@ped.gu.se
Rundberg, Nathalie Finance officer +46 31 7865426 nathalie.rundberg@gu.se
Rystedt, Hans hans.rystedt@ped.gu.se
Samara, Lena Lecturer lena.samara@gu.se
Sernhede, Ove ove.sernhede@gu.se
Sheridan, Sonja Professor emerita sonja.sheridan@ped.gu.se
Siekkinen, Frida Doctoral student +46 31 7862318 frida.siekkinen@gu.se
Simeonsdotter, Agneta Senior lecturer +46 31 7862045 agneta.simeonsdotter@ped.gu.se
Sivenbring, Jennie Senior lecturer +46 31 7862283 jennie.sivenbring@gu.se
Skantz Åberg, Ewa Senior lecturer +46 31 7862208 ewa.skantz.aberg@gu.se
Solli, Anne Associate researcher +46 31 7862458 anne.solli@gu.se
Sotevik, Lena Doctoral student +46 31 7862318 lena.sotevik@gu.se
Sotevik, Solveig Lecturer +46 31 7862750 solveig.sotevik@ped.gu.se
Sotevik, Solveig Lecturer, Director of Studies +46 31 7862750 solveig.sotevik@ped.gu.se
Stavholm, Emelie Doctoral student
Stretmo, Live Senior lecturer +46 31 7862424 live.stretmo@gu.se
Stretmo, Live Senior lecturer, Director of Studies +46 31 7862424 live.stretmo@gu.se
Säljö, Roger , Deputy Head +46 31 7862457 roger.saljo@ped.gu.se
Söderberg, Lisbetth Administrator +46 31 7862194 lisbetth.soderberg@ped.gu.se
Söderman, Alexandra Lecturer +46 31 7861040 alexandra.soderman@gu.se
Söderman, Johan Professor +46 31 7862081 johan.soderman@gu.se
Sönnerhed, Wei Postgraduate Student wei.sonnerhed@ped.gu.se
Thorshag, Kristina Lecturer +46 31 7862198 kristina.thorshag@gu.se
Thörnblad, Johan Study administrator +46 31 7865082 johan.thornblad@gu.se
Torell, Viveka Senior lecturer +46 31 7862477 viveka.torell@gu.se
Vento, Anna Lecturer +46 31 7862256 anna.vento@gu.se
Vigmo, Sylvi Senior lecturer, Deputy Head +46 31 7862478 sylvi.vigmo@ped.gu.se
Wahlström Smith, Åsa Lecturer +46 31 7862877 asa.smith@ped.gu.se
Wallerstedt, Cecilia Senior lecturer, Head of Department +46 31 7863272 cecilia.wallerstedt@gu.se
Wank, Lotta Postgraduate Student +46 31 7863846 lotta.wank@gu.se
Wendt, Lena Study counsellor +46 31 7862167 lena.wendt@ped.gu.se
Wester, Karin +46 31 7862052 stvl.forskollararprogrammet@ped.gu.se
Wickström, Mikaela Human resources administrator +46 31 7861139 mikaela.wickstrom@ait.gu.se

Showing 101 - 150 of 157

Showing 51 - 60 of 2002


Våld, trakasserier och utsatthet i skolan #11;– Några nedslag i aktuell forskning
Ylva Odenbring
Järvaveckan 2019. Spånga IP den 15 juni, 2019, Conference contribution 2019
Conference contribution

”Jävla orre!”: #11;Tonårsflickors erfarenheter av sexuella trakasserier i skolvardagen#11;
Ylva Odenbring
Att möta svårigheter i skolan. Högskolan Väst, Trollhättan, 13 juni, 2019, Conference contribution 2019
Conference contribution

Assessing writers, assessing writing
Janna Meyer-Beining
Göteborg, Doctoral thesis 2019
Doctoral thesis

Is Teacher Qualification Associated With the Quality of the Early Childhood Education and Care Environment? A Meta-Analytic Review
Matthew Manning, Gabriel Wong, Christopher Flemming, Susanne Garvis
Review of Educational Research, Journal article 2019
Journal article

Showing 51 - 60 of 2002

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