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Learning spaces for inclusion and social justice

Success stories from immigrant students and school communities in four nordic countries: Island, Norway, Finland and Sweden

This project is focusing on educationally successful migrant students and schools successful in producing equality and social justice. The division into students’ experiences; teachers as agents of inclusion (and parents); leadership and school cultures and policies and curricula produces a holistic view of learning stories.

The layered research foci from students, teachers, leadership, policies and curricula provide a comprehensive approach to data collection. It is a study of 24 cases - each case involving significant detailed data collection including shadowing, interviews and observations as well as document analysis. The selection of research sites across countries and phases of schooling based on the criteria of "contrary to expectations" creates a potentially very fruitful set of comparisons regarding how a more democratic and inclusive education system might be constructed.

Medverkande i projektet

Anette Hellman, universitetslektor
E-post: anette.hellman@ped.gu.se

Johannes Lunneblad, docent
E-post: johannes.lunneblad@ped.gu.se



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